Fund Accounting

ILSFS provides back office portfolio and fund accounting services to investment companies and funds domiciled in onshore and offshore jurisdictions.. We have selected PFS-Paxus® as our primary fund administration platform. The system consists of securities, general ledger, share registry, partner allocation and reporting modules. All modules are integrated in the single application. Our technology, staff and procedures are designed to offer our clients monthly, weekly or daily Net Asset Value calculations. Our services for Portfolio, Fund and Partnership Accounting include:

  • Calculate Net Asset Values for onshore and offshore funds, including automated calculation and allocation of administration, management, incentive fees and other accruals
  • Independently value securities using third party sources including Bloomberg and Markit Partners (see details further below for information on our valuation services specific to insurance linked securities)
  • Reconcile portfolio positions, activity and cash with prime brokers and custodians
  • Data consolidation across multi-prime brokers, multi-strategies and multi-currencies
  • Resolve all trade breaks with brokers and adjustments for corporate actions and dividends
  • Automate multi-series, series consolidation, equalization and partnership accounting
  • Automate side pocket functionality
  • Prepare monthly and year-end fund financial statements
  • Liaise with auditors and coordinate audit timetables
  • Coordinate tax preparation
  • Design customized reporting using SQL tools